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Diving Operator Reports

Marine Conservation - What Can be Done

Dive Boat NADZAB

SCUBA Diving - Is it Dangerous


Fact Sheets (coming)

Nudibranch Fact Sheet (under construction)

Goby Fact Sheet (under construction)


Downloadable Documents (.pdf format)

Five minute neurological exam
Ascending from a dive - the safe way
Australian methodology - in-water recompression with 100% oxygen (chart)
Bubble decompression strategies and mechanics
Bubble formation and elimination
Call it high tech diving
CNS toxicity calculations
CO2 risk management summary
Confessions of a mortal diver
Rid yourself of the dangles
Decompression sickness (DCS) procedures
Deeper diving - a nest of potential problems
Deeper stops - clearing up the confusion
Dive tables and dive computers
Diving fatalities version 1
Diving medicine
Getting your gear configuration right
Evaluating EAN
Exercise and DCS onset
Goodbye decompression sickness
In water recompression - field treatment 1
In water recompression  - field treatment 2
In water recompression case studies
In water recompression (Undercurrent magazine)
Military free fall parachuting (yes it's diving related)
Minimum decompression
NOAA CNS percentage table
Oxygen for diving emergencies
Be your own dive buddy - solo diving
Oxygen toxicity protocol
Oxygen toxicity signs and symptoms
Repetitive dives
Rethinking oxygen limits
Tank tailoring
Teaching oxygen tracking
Technical diving - blue print for survival
The case for in water recompression
The decompression curve
The first stop - deep stop
The story of CO2 build-up
Understanding M values
Why we do not bounce dive
How to construct an underwater mooring buoy (PADI AWARE Project COPYRIGHT)


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